Auto Copy Extension

Auto Copy Extension 0.6.4

Copy any selected text to the clipboard automatically


  • Copies text on webpages and text fields just by selecting it
  • Can paste with mouse wheel


  • Middle click pasting doesn't work outside Firefox
  • Address bar is not supported

Very good

I'm sure the Clipboard is one of the most frequently used apps while browsing the web. This means that both the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts are also the most used ones.

But what if you could save yourself a few keystrokes each day?

With the Auto Copy Firefox Extension any text you select is automatically copied to the Clipboard without having to press the correspondent key combination each time.

You can then configure the extension to copy the text anywhere on your browser (including text fields) with the mouse middle button, so there's no need to switch back and forth between the mouse and the keyboard.

Auto Copy is really a handy tool, one of those little helpers you can't live without once you get used to them. However, it still lacks some functionality: for example, I wasn't able to copy URL addresses from the Firefox address bar, and middle click pasting doesn't work outside Firefox.

With Auto Copy you can copy and paste text snippets in Firefox in a much easier way, though I missed some extended functionality that may hopefully be added in future versions.

Auto Copy is a Firefox extension that enables you to automatically copy any text you selected text to the Clipboard, without having to press the Ctrl+C shortcut every time.

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